21. Let the (dual) personality develop

Recently, my son was playing with a local kid in a practice hit. This kid was a couple of months younger than my son. He was also way smaller as in physical build. He was also not as skilled or had any ranking close to my son. They played 2 sets and my son lost both of them. I was watching and amused to see what was happening. This kid was throwing racquet, getting angry and shouting. He was doing everything, which is generally regarded as bad behaviour. His mom was also there apologising all the time for his behaviour and scolding him as well. Yet my son didn’t blame his behaviour for the loss, when I asked my son what happened. He said about the other boy “…he just did not give up..”. That boy was also very well behaved “off” the court ! This was an interesting observation. Apparently, that boy kept himself highly motivated by using those tantrums. He was able to raise his alert level to beyond his own capacity. His personality appeared to be different “on” court than “off” court. I have noticed this on pro levels as well. The recent rise of Alex De Minaur is