7. The Role Model

When kids do not have a role model, they will make us (parents) a role model and that could be scary 😉 . Though my son already knew most of Tennis greats [through his X Box games], I was intentionally making a case for Roger [Fed] the one to follow. It was easier for me to convince my son to follow Fed as Fed has been the most successful player of all time and that fact alone is good enough for kids to love him. However my main reason to choose Fed as role model was his efficient style of playing the game. As a parent, I am always more concerned about my son’s health than his Tennis skills. My prime objective is to make sure he doesn’t injure himself while pushing himself harder and harder over time. This is typically different than what coaches will tell us (parents) (and for good reasons). Coaches are generally against following any particular professional as they rather promote and develop individual playing styles. Secondly coaches (now a days) prefer coaching in a “gaming” way. What that means is they model and give kids a “game” with certain objectives and let kids figure out

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