9. Tennis Career Path

One of the earliest difficulty I had when I started with my son was that I did not know how the whole world of Tennis is organised and how does it all work. Despite my passion for Tennis, I had never made an effort to understand the path to become a Tennis professional. I think it was very important for both me and my son to understand not just the end goal but also a generic path to Tennis career. That understanding not just helped us to know and plan what to do next well in advance but also we appreciated what it takes to become a professional. I shall try to explain here my current understanding of how a young kid would start and eventually end up as a Tennis professional player. Let’s start with top. Three acronyms, we routinely come across: ITF, ATP and WTA. These are the top level Tennis organisations and may be grouped into two ITF and [ATP + WTA]. ATP and WTA are two organisations, which cater for Tennis professional players only. ATP is for Men while WTA is for Women professional players. I shall use ATP in rest of my article here as I

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