10. Tools of Trade: The Racquet

Quite often I come across parents (coaches are equally guilty), who do not pay much attention to gears, when starting with kids. Their common reasoning is they want to see if the kid is any good or even be interested in continuing with Tennis. While I understand, Tennis gears can be very expensive (a valid reason not to invest), I think its nevertheless better to invest in quality gears. In my view quality gears help kids to have a good feel and may also help them with their game, which in turn motivates them to keep playing. The racquet, while the most important equipment of the game, is also the most ignored by parents. I did the same; I initially gave my son 27.5″ racquet, which he was happy to play with. His coach however was not happy as he could see my son was not able to control any swing. He asked my son to reduce the size and play with 26″ racquet. I bought him a flashing and state of the art Babolat 26″ racquet. His coach was still not happy with his swings. So he asked him to go even lower with 25″ racquet. But it was

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