6. Age 7- Maiden Tournament Win

Nothing motivates more than WIN.

My son just turned 7 and had worked very hard over last summer vacation to get basic level of shots – Forehand, Backhand and a bit of Serve.  We had come to know there was a regional tournament around 3 hrs away from our place for under 10 years of age boys. I booked and took him there. As matches start at 8 am in morning, we left very early in the morning and my son was sleeping all the way. As it was his very first ever tournament and also 3+ years older age group, we were not really expecting any thing other than some experience for all of us 🙂 .

The matches were a set each for round robin, followed by semifinal and a final. In total 7 matches. He won all except one in round robins and reached the semi final to our (and his) surprise. He also won the semi and won the final as well.

Irrespective of how he played all his 7 full set-matches, the trophy in the end gave him the kind of push, which made him to dedicate most of his time on Tennis. That day, that trophy ignited the Tennis fire in his head. He now would not need external motivation to play or work hard. It also made it a bit easier for parents like myself :).

He didn’t let any one touch the trophy (not even me) and slept with that whole way back and night :).

I was happy to see him able to play for the whole day let alone win it.

It was a great day for him but also opened up lots of fill in the blanks in our knowledge of Tennis. We needed to learn and we just learned that it was a lot.


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