3. Age 4 – Era of Xbox

Are video games any good for kids?

I am generally against them. I did not think kids should get into video games and I even stayed away from adults, if I knew they were into video games. I still do.

However I did get Xbox for my daughter when she turned 6, mainly due to I ran out of any novel gift ideas for her and also I thought may be it was time I tried a few games myself.  🙂
My daughter did not like it and I got bored as well in a few sessions. But my son picked up very quickly. He started spending lot of time on Xbox. I did not pay any attention initially as I thought he would get bored as well as he didn’t even know how to read instructions for any game at that time. But somehow he figured out all games we had and was very comfortable playing them. I was actually impressed, so I bought a few sports related games for him. I could find only two Tennis games and some Soccer and a Rugby game. He picked up all of them. I also started playing tennis games with him. It was fun. He eventually started winning over me. He was not just winning but was also controlling the pace of the game. So if he wanted to play for say half an hr, he would neither let me win nor he would win himself for that long. No matter what I did, I could not win or shorten the match until he wanted to close. I was really impressed and I thought if there was any Xbox Olympics, he would definitely be raised to become a gold medalist. 🙂

In my view, a few good things  came out of his Xboxing: First, he learnt tennis scoring; Second, he understood the fundamentals of tennis as a game. I also noticed that he was also learning to solve problems in unknown settings. All of them actually helped him later on with his learning of real tennis.

As he was still only 4 years old, I did not think of him starting real tennis yet.


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