4. Age 5 – Alternative sports

Like any responsible parent, I wish to raise my kids both mentally and physically fit enough to be able to do what ever they wish to do in their life. I believe that’s the end goal for any parenting.

On the physical front I tried a few kids gyms but they were practically useless. Then I came across a gymnastic club, which looked very sincere. As most of kids were girls in that club, I was not sure whether my son would like it or not. There was one group especially for boys but they were in more advanced level. All the boys in that group looked pretty fit so I got interested and got my son (also my daughter) enrolled there. Initially my son was in the mixed gender group, but he moved up quickly and joined the boys group.

Gymnastic club was serious training. Initially it was only 1.5 hrs a week, then next level was 3 hrs a week, then 6 hrs and finally 9 hrs a week. It really made his body very flexible, not just stronger. But more importantly it germinated a sense for his body.  It made it easier for me to take him to run or some general exercises as he understood the significance of them.

Besides Gymnastics, he also got into Rugby, a very popular local sport in our city. Almost every one he knew played Rugby. I actually liked the way kids trained for Rugby, but did not like the way its played, scaringly brutal. Fortunately, until the age of 8, body tackling is not allowed for kids. He was getting better at Rugby too. He was doing 2 hrs a week training and a match every week end.

My another interest (other than physical aspect) in Rugby was that it was a team sport. I was hoping a team sport would help him with his coordination and people skills.

I think both Gymnastics and Rugby helped him in a longer term and for sure put him in right path for the physical side of fitness.






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