12. Tennis Skills : What to Train and Where to Start

Recently, one of my friends asked me “OK I have taken my kid to a Tennis court..now what..”. While I was amused a bit, it is a valid question, especially for parents who do not have any Tennis history.

The way I see it, there are three fundamental skills: Forehand, Backhand and Serve. If you can do zero unforced errors on these skills; you are already in the world top 100 (probably a bit exaggeration, but you get my point 🙂 ).

The idea is to choose a level (of difficulty) for one of them and practice. Once you have some success, do the same for another skill and when all three skills are at some desired level, move on to next level.

My son started with Forehand (a logical choice to start 🙂 ). His coach and I emphasized a lot on the technical side of things. His coach focussed mainly on his swing path, while I focussed on using correct muscles to power his swings.

My first feeding style was overhand feed: where I stand just across the net in middle and throw balls over hand (as opposed to underhand ) to him. When I first started I also asked him to stand on the T of serve box (later I moved him to baseline).

This is how I would suggest to anyone to start as well. Simple ball feed for a forehand. I used to feed 100s of balls over and over again and still do.

…Practice maketh a man perfect… 🙂





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