22. Consistency of trying

This weekend, my son lost again to someone with far less skills. As I watched the game, I could see he was not “trying” to play properly (“properly” here means, applying correct techniques for shot making, something he has trained hrs and hrs for). I have seen him losing his focus (plays properly and brilliantly for one set, loses focus in the next, comeback again and so on ) during matches. But this time, there was no comeback with an exception of one game in the whole match. I was obviously looking for answers.Β After the match he said he was just not consistent. But consistent in what. He could clearly play when he wishes to do that. That one game proved that. The question was why did not chose to play for rest of the game. I generally avoid reading motivational books (as they give me sugar rush for a short period of time but never solve problems [I get motivated only by solutions πŸ™‚ ]) but I finally borrowed the book from a friend and read Grit from cover to cover, hoping to find some solution. Like all motivational books, Grit defines the problem very well. Grit has two

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